9 Companies Everyone Wants to Work For

You don’t like to brag—but okay, sometimes you like to brag. (No shame!) Especially with the holidays coming up, we all want to work for a company that we’ll feel awesome telling our friends and family about.

If you want a job at a company that will impress your friends and have your parents asking for work anecdotes to tell their hair stylists and baristas, check out these nine great workplaces. Not only do they have great reputations, but they all have awesome perks, motivated employees, exciting challenges, and cool traditions. Boasting? You’ll just be giving the facts!

1. Facebook

Chances are, if someone has been on a computer in the last decade, he or she has heard of Facebook. Working for the largest social media platform on the planet will give you serious mileage at dinner parties.

But bragging rights are far from the only reason to work here. A close-knit team culture, the opportunity to connect people, a dynamic and ever-changing environment, and a campus filled with restaurants, banks, barber shops, and bike shares make Facebook HQ a dream workplace.

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2. Maker’s Row

Maker’s Row is an online marketplace that connects American designers and manufacturers. Its office traditions are definitely brag-worthy—from brunch and in-office massages to guest blogging conferences and cocktail parties with local users, you’re guaranteed to always have something to write home about.

However, you’ll also get to show off how rewarding your work is. The company’s inspiring mission is to encourage American businesses to manufacture their products domestically, not overseas, which means means you can brag about how you’re furthering the American dream.

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3. Uproot

Uproot is no ordinary Napa-based winery. Its team is made up of “wine makers, change makers, and trouble makers” who are reimagining the wine-making process. This is definitely not a company that’s stuck in the past.

It’s not just Uproot’s forward-thinking nature (and easy access to vino) that will inspire envy among your peers. The company has a work hard, play hard culture, pounding the pavement (and winning industry awards) during the week, and then taking off to places like Nantucket for weekend wine tastings, racing, and lobster.

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A job at HERE, which builds mapping technology for platforms and apps, will give you lots of fodder for conversations with those who love travel. That’s because HERE team members regularly have the opportunity to travel around the world, from Finland and Singapore to Berlin.

But that doesn’t mean your homebody friends won’t still covet your job. The company’s Boston headquarters offer floor-to-ceiling glass walls and a 360 degree view of the Charles River and city skyline. Pretty cool.

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5. Gucci

If you want recognition, work for Gucci, one of the world’s leading luxury brands. It was established in 1921, giving it almost a full century of history and culture. “My favorite thing about Gucci is that it’s a brand that has such an interesting past and present,” says senior manager of digital media Alexis Wagner.

As an added bonus, Gucci’s U.S. headquarters are found on 5th Avenue, New York’s legendary shopping locale—just a three-minute walk from its gorgeous flagship store. We foresee lots of lunch-break visits.

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This company, founded in 2008, is Europe’s leading online fashion platform—and it’s rapidly expanding internationally. Anyone with an interest in clothes will love hearing about your work with major e-commerce players and fashion stores, while those who value fun will drool over the beach volleyball tournaments, Bavarian Olympics, skiing get-togethers, and weekly meetings with beer and snacks.

STYLIGHT’s office is also idyllic. There’s an atrium (with swings!), a silent napping area, daily breakfasts, and free sports classes.

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7. Apportable

Remember when you and your buddies used to daydream about a job that would let you play video games all day long? (Maybe you’ve never stopped.) At Apportable, you can make those dreams a reality—by helping building virtual reality; Apportable’s team recompiles iOS games so they can run on Android devices. “Now I have a really good excuse to try out a ton of games—it’s research!” says Chinmay Garde, an engineer.

Besides the amazing job description, Apportable offers great salaries, awesome benefits, a huge open office area, and free daily catered lunches.

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8. Counsyl

Want to be on the cutting edge of the medical technology field? With Counysl, a technology company dedicated to giving millions of people essential information about their health, you won’t just be reinventing the wheel—you’ll be creating it. “It’s unique that we can say that the product we’re working on is really helping people. The field we work in—bioinformatics as it pertains to people’s health—is an exciting field, and we are making a difference by further advancing that technology,” says engineer Corey Schaninger.

This requires a lot of hard work and dedication, but Counsyl makes sure its employees get just as much as they give. We’re talking daily catered lunches and on-site dry-cleaning services. Changing lives and getting your clothes cleaned for free—the bragging practically does itself.

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9. Flickr

When you work for the world’s premiere website for organizing and sharing photos, you’ve definitely earned the right to show off a little. “You shape a product, and you shape the future of product that is being used by over 80 million people worldwide—which is huge,” says head of product Marcus Spiering.

With great power comes great—fun? Yup, when it’s at this company. The office holds “photowalks,” where Flickr users will meet up and take pictures in cool spots like the Mission District in San Francisco or the High Line in New York City. Yes, you can invite your friends.

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